We realize when you shop around for anything, price must be a consideration. We always strive to be competetive, and quite often we can offer the lowest price. It’s not always possible to be the low price leader, however, and it’s worth understanding why.

chuckOur fleet is comprised of late model vehicles. They receive regular maintenance and timely service. When our limo arrives it will be well “prepped”; washed, vacuumed, detailed, and stocked with sparkling glassware. Stereos, TVs, and all other amenities will work properly. The car will look great and will perform every bit as well. Your Casanova Carriage limo will be registered and insured as a Livery vehicle, and will meet or exceed all DOT regulations. We think you should be able to take all of this for granted, but you might be surprised.

Your driver will be wearing a suit or tuxedo. They will be polite and professional, and they will arrive on or ahead of schedule. They’re driving a Casanova Carriage limousine because that’s what they want to be doing. They are professionals who take pride and find enjoyment in their chauffeur duties. They will be properly licensed and have clean driving records. A special note to Prom parents; you will always feel comfortable with your children traveling in our vehicles with our drivers. Both will be dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Whether you’re buying a new set of steak knives or booking a limousine, be wary of false economy. Don’t get a great price instead of a great value. Get both, our promise every time you travel with Casanoava Carriage.